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Make Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card For Your Loved One

Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful way to say “I love you”, consider the Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card. Representing love, strength, and beauty, the cherry blossom tree is the perfect gift for that special someone near or far. It will please any recipient. Greeting cards are the perfect gift for almost any occasion. To make it even more special, you can write a sweet word in it to express your love.

Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

The cover features a unique laser-cut silhouette of a cherry tree that opens to reveal beautiful peach and pink cherry blossoms on the branches. The 3D image resembles a lifelike pink cherry tree. This unique card features delicate cherry blossom branches. The petals are delicate and hand-fitted. The background of the card is light pink. Inside, you’ll find a coordinating white envelope, cardboard that prevents the card from bending, and an extra note card nicely packaged in the pouch. The card measures 5 x 7 inches when folded, making it perfect for mailing. You can use this card to celebrate a special occasion or as a souvenir. It will please any recipient.


  • 2 sheets of cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • glue stick
  • Pop-up card prints (additional paper is required if you design the artwork yourself)
  • Art Supplies for Decor

Now I’ll show you how to make a cherry blossom popup greeting card in six easy steps. Please prepare the materials and follow my steps to make it yourself.

Tutorial steps

1. Adjust the pop-up angle of the cherry blossoms and make corresponding fixed lines on the base

Step 1

2. Adjust the display angle, fix the base position, and prepare for derivating more flowers.

Step 2-1
Step 2-2

3. Make slots of the same distance to generate more flowers

Step 3

4. Insert the buckle into the slot correspondingly, so that the petals can be spread out on the greeting card. In principle, they cannot be exposed outside the cover when folded.

Step 4

5. Connect the left and right pages together by the knife-edge, so that the three-dimensional part will expand at the same time when opening the greeting card

Step 5-1
Step 5-2

6. Put the cover on, reserve a space for the notecard, and the finished product is out.

Step 6-1
Step 6-2
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