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Need Custom 3D Pop Up Cards?

What are Custom 3D Pop Up Cards?

Custom 3D Pop Up Cards refers to combining existing mockups with your own ideas to create a new 3d pop up card. This 3d pop up cards contains all your creativity and ideas and has a unique character. What’s more, a 3D Pop up Card is a postcard made and cut by hand. When you open the card, it pops up to amaze the one you love as a small souvenir that unfolds like a big surprise.

Why should we DIY 3d pop up cards?

DIY 3D Pop Up Cards can be combined with your own ideas to create a one-of-a-kind gift that is both meaningful and memorable. It can be changed according to your creativity, add your ideas, create your own gift, surprise your loved ones, and express your love.

How to personalize 3d pop up card?

1. Select

First, It is wise for you to take a moment to browse the website and choose your favorite custom 3d pop up card based on your interests and hobbies, not just random ones.

2. Upload

Secondly, you’d better carefully select a photo that you think is the most suitable.  At the same time, you need to pay attention that the uploaded image needs to conform to a clear, full-length photo of the face. At last, you need to click Upload to upload it to the website.

3. Purchase

Finally, you just need to add to the shopping cart and add a note that you want to express to your order. You’d better check out the order and pay the bill. All you need to do is done.

When your purchase is complete, we will customize your own greeting card for you.

The whole process of personalizing 3d pop up card is very fast and convenient, and it does not take a lot of time to do. It is just very easy to customize a unique, meaningful, and commemorative customized gift for you.

Some suggestions for Custom 3D Pop Up cards

To find the perfect custom 3d pop up cards and personalized 3d pop up cards for you, browse our articles to shop for a DIY 3d pop up card on our website!

Custom Hawaii Couples Pop-Up Card

Custom Hawaii Couples Pop-Up Card

Our custom Hawaii couples pop-up card consists of sand, sea, coconut palms, and more. It has a distinctly Hawaiian style, with a fresh and comfortable feeling. A DIY 3d pop up card can personalize you and your partner into the greeting card to create a unique and exclusive greeting card for your own.

Custom Couples Wedding Pop-Up Gift

Custom Couples Wedding Pop-Up Gift

Our Custom Couples Wedding Pop-Up Gift can surprise the bride and groom in your life with this thoughtful and customizable artwork. It’s the perfect gift for the wedding season and for newlywed couples as a commemoration of their beautiful wedding day. Choose this unique and thoughtful personalized 3d pop up card for the newlywed couple that you know.

Custom Infinity Photo Cube

Custom Infinity Photo Cube

Our Custom Infinity Photo Cube supports uploading 10 photos for the 10 different surfaces of the cube. You can choose your picture to create your own photo cube. The infinite movement of this unique DIY 3d pop up card will bring joy and spark a smile to your loved ones. It will be the best-customized gift for you to express your love.

Custom Switch Photo Frame

Custom Switch Photo Frame

Our Custom Switch Photo Frame can upload two photos. When you switch it, it will become another picture, being full of surprises. It is perfect for commemorating a meaningful moment. Shop custom 3d pop up cards to amaze the one you love to commemorate this meaningful moment.

Shop the custom 3d pop up cards to make the most special day more meaningful and memorable. Through our 3d pop up card and flower bouquet to make you have a beautiful day.

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